Today's Specials


.. FISH of the DAY ..

Hamachi or Kanpachi Kama Ni

soy-sake braised yellowtail or amberjack cheek

Hamachi Kama or Kanpachi Shio

salt grilled yellowtail or amberjack cheek

Gindara Claypot

crispy rice claypot with salt grilled black cod

Sm37 | Md54 | Lg68

... DESSERTS ...

1 Free for Dine-in Customers only

Green Tea Crème Brulèe 7.50


Honmaguro Toro Sashimi

fresh bluefin fatty tuna 18.50

Wagyu Tataki

seared thinly sliced Japanese beef with tosa-soy-garlic oil and sea urchin 19.50

Unagi Karaage

fried eel with mango-ume plum sauce 19.50

Uni Ikura Meshi

crispy claypot rice with sea urchin and salmon roe

Sm38 | Md55 | Lg70

Age Nasu Tofu

fried eggplant and tofu with pork-miso sauce 10.50

Sake Harami Nitsuke

braised salmon belly in soy-sake sauce 16.50


fresh octopus in wasabi 6.50

Kamo Yuzu

grilled duck with fresh tomato-yuzu-pepper salsa 15.50

Buta Torotoroni

melt-in mouth simmered Kurobuta fatty pork in red wine & brown cane sugar 16.50

Kani Shinjo

fried crab cakes wrapped in seaweed and mochi pieces in dashi broth 14.50

Gyuhire Steak

grilled fillet mignon & asparagus in herb garlic butter soy sauce 17.50

Hotate Carpaccio

seared scallop and sea urchin with tosa-soy sauce 23.50

Teba Shichimi Age

chicken wings marinated in Japanese seven spices, deep fried 11.50