boiled soy beans

Yuzu Ceviche

seafood of the day & yuzu salsa with homemade potato chips

Hiyashi Tomato

sliced cold tomato, mayonnaise, salt


assorted pickled vegetables


korean spicy pickled cabbage


steamed monkfish liver in ponzu


Garlic Green Salad

mixed greens & garlic chips in garlic soy dressing

Wafu Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce in miso flavored caesar dressing

Daikon Salad

shredded daikon-radish in ponzu dressing & garlic oil

Kaiso Salad

assorted seaweed, spring mix & daikon with soy base dressing

Tako Salad

mixed greens, cubes of octopus tossed in plum paste dressing

Sakana Iroiro Salad

greens & assorted sashimi in light creamy dressing


Sashimi Moriawase

assorted sashimi

Hotate Sashimi

fresh sliced scallop

Uni Sashimi

sea urchin M.P.

Tako Sashimi

boiled octopus

Sake Sashimi

fresh sliced salmon

Kanpachi Sashimi

fresh sliced amberjack

Hirame Sashimi

fresh halibut

Hamachi Sashimi

fresh sliced yellowtail

Shiromaguro Tataki

seared albacore with garlic oil, ponzu and garlic chips

Shiromaguro Sashimi

sliced albacore


Kanpachi Carpaccio

quick-seared amberjack with yuzu-plum wine sauce

Hamachi Carpaccio

yellowtail, garlic-ginger-ponzu, chopped jalapeño & garlic oil

Sake Carpaccio

quick-seared salmon, balsamic-ponzu, wasabi cucumber & truffle oil

Tako Carpaccio

octopus, sliced cucumber, plum paste vinaigrette & garlic oil

Hirame Carpaccio

halibut, shiso-pesto, & yuzu juice

Deep Fries

Sake Potato Age

deep fried salmon-potato puffs, Takoyaki style

Shishito Tenpura

shishito peppers

Maitake Tenpura

maitake mushrooms

Kisu Tenpura

smelt tenpura

Tori Kara Age

fried soy-garlic marinated boneless chicken

Gyuu Maki

panko crusted beef rolls with asparagus, cheese & hatcho miso

Shimeji Tenpura

shimeji mushroom tenpura

Tan Katsu

panko crusted beef tongue with hatcho miso sauce

Kaki Fry

panko fried oysters 10.50

Risotto Korokke

risotto cheese puffs with shiso-pesto-tomato sauce

Curry Korokke

panko-fried potato
and pork curry puffs

Kani Cream Korokke

panko-fried crab cream corn puffs

Agedashi Tofu

tofu in dashi sauce 7.50

Renkon Hasamiage

shrimp sandwiched with lotus root, served tenpura style

Tori Nasu Garlic

chicken and eggplant with garlic-vinaigrette sauce

Nasu Ebi Hasamiage

shrimp sandwiched with eggplant topped with soy gravy

Kurobuta Katsu

kurobuta pork cutlet served with 3 dipping sauces

Tenpura Moriawase(Dine-in Only)

seafood and vegetable tempura

Yasai Tenpura(Dine-in Only)

assorted vegetable tenpura

GocHi's Fusion Pizzas


spicy cod roe, snow crab, mushrooms & bacon

Chashu Miso

miso sauce, kurobuta pork & mushrooms

Nasu Curry

pork curry, eggplant & mushrooms

Yakiniku Kochijan

spicy korean miso, bbq beef & kimchee

Okonomiyaki Style

squid, pork, cabbage & okonomi sauce

Grilled & Steamed

Asari Butter

steamed asari-clams in herb garlic butter sauce

Asari Sakamushi

steamed asari-clams in traditional sake broth

Kani Tama

crab egg omelette, soy ginger gravy

Ika Maru Yaki

salt broiled squid

Gyutan Shioyaki

grilled beef tongue

Gindara Munieru

pan sautéed black cod fillet drizzled with plum soy sauce

Hotate Tomato

pan seared scallop & roasted tomato in shiso-pesto yuzu

Rib Eye Steak

pan sautéed in soy-garlic brandy, scallions & garlic chips

Stir Fries

Mentaiko Beefun

vermicelli noodles in garlic and spicy cod roe sauce & shiso leaves

Buta Kimuchi

sliced pork, vegetables & kimchee and mayonnaise

Spicy Ebi Mayo

prawns in spicy mayo sauce


stir fried pea sprouts in garlic sauce

Oven Baked

Nikomi Hamburg Steak

tomato braised pork burger patties baked w/ cheese

Curry Potato Gratin

pork curry sauce

Meat Potato Gratin

pork tomato sauce

Kani Cream Potato Gratin

crab & cream sauce

Mentaiko Potato Gratin

spicy cod roe sauce

Kurobuta Chashu

thinly sliced bbq black pork belly

Crispy Claypot Rice

Any fish claypots are recommended with a side of dashi (fish broth) for pouring over the crispy rice $2.50

*All meat claypots comes with a rare poached egg

Tori Soboro Meshi*

braised ground chicken

Yakiniku Kimchee Meshi*

bbq sliced beef & kimchee

Dry Curry Meshi*

pork dry curry

Jako Mentaiko Meshi

tiny dried fish and cod roe

Sake Oyako Meshi

grilled salmon & salmon roe

Unagi Meshi

bbq fresh water eel

Buta Meshi*

bbq pork belly

Yaki Onigiri

2pc crispy rice balls..choose up to two toppings!

salmon, ume, salmon mayo or tuna mayo

ikura, mentaiko or shiokara

Udon Noodles

Kake Udon

hot noodle soup with fish cakes & scallions

Zaru Udon

cold noodles with cold dashi dipping

Tanuki Udon

noodles with tenpura batter bits (hot/cold)

Yaki Udon

stir fried udon with side pork & vegetables

Tenpura Udon(Dine-in Only)

hot udon noodle soup with assorted tenpura on the side 15.00

Tenzaru Udon(Dine-in Only)

cold udon noodle with assorted tenpura on the side and cold dash dipping sauce

Miso Soup


tofu and seaweed




nameko-mushrooms, seaweed and tofu

DISCLAIMER: We prepare & serve products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy & gluten. We have regular kitchen operations in which involve shared cooking and preparation areas, and food variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, and/or preparation at the restaurant. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee 100% any menu item will be completely free of meat/fish products.
CONSUMER ADVISORY: Some dishes on our menu may be served raw or undercooked; consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.